Since starting her journey as a felt maker and designer five years ago, Zoë Lianga continues to refine her skills and zero in on her unique artistic expression. After completing a two year Fashion Design program, she moved to New Zealand to learn the ancient art and techniques of wet felting. Learning to make felted fabric has made it possible for her to completely design and construct her work from its single fibres to a finished piece. The scientific nature of the individual fibres and the felt making process is a fascinating one that dates back to 400 BC.

Recently, she has been connecting with local sheep, alpaca, and goat farmers, and fibre mills to integrate more ethical and sustainable practices within her business. After four years of single-minded pursuit of her art, these relationships with local business owners and farmers are invaluable. Being a part of her local ‘fibre shed’ lessens the environmental impact of worldwide shipping, and ensures that she is not supporting unethical practices in animal husbandry or poor working conditions for factory workers. These individuals within Zoë’s ‘fibre shed’ have become her working family and, according to her, it’s a lovely family to be a part of.

Zoë lives outside of Perth, Ontario, Canada where she continues to make strong community connections and inspired work.

She is the owner and operator of The Cordwood Studio